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Self-Publishing: Where do I start?

Given our modern era with the internet, self-publishing has become a walk in the park compared to decades ago.

The first step: Writing the book

This is may appear to be hard, but it is easy once done; once you have written your book, what ever it may be, a fiction or nonfiction etc, it does not matter. Write it, and then do the proof reading, hire someone from Fiverr, if it is pricy, there are tools you may use to aid you in that matter.

One thing that helps me, is using Microsoft Words Read Aloud option on the review section. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to get someone to proofread your work.

Now what you can do is create a blog or a website, and publish your writings there, why? To create your audience, this very audience (your future fans) may assist you as well with the proofreads. But most importantly, they will be the first customers to purchase your book when you publish it.

Also setting up a website, helps you create a list for a mailing list to keep your audience updated. The problem is our impatience, we want to write a book and then market it like wildfire on Facebook or Instagram or wherever. Taking the time to create an audience first will benefit you on the long run. In fact, if you are systematic with it, you should or may have more success than somebody who writes their book and rushes to have to have it published and then tries to create an audience i.e. sell their book (I was when of those people).

In the end there is nothing wrong with that, all roads lead to Rome.

By Narcisse Sadi, pen name Elcid, Author of various works.



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