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After Kevin Heart had lost his spot to host the Oscars due to an ancient tweet he had made, the second week of 2020 had Ricky Gervais host the Golden Globe Awards. In a room filled with A list stars, he addressed the room with a speech that struck at the Hollywood elite and the radical left of gender bending, radical vegans or whatever these “self-absorbed narcissists” declare themselves to be these days.

Letting them know that they are hypocrites, not all of them, his speech shows the push back to this craze that is plaguing the western world or countries which are mostly western in thought. “Woke Culture” which is supposed to enlighten and yet has proved to be oppressive.

The sane or rational side of twitter applauded the saviour that is Ricky Gervais. Below is the video of this speech and the tweets that supported him:


It is the ability to decide

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