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Qi Gong a POOR Man’s Steroids

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Qi Gong a POOR Man’s Steroids

Ancient lore speaks of an Indian Monk who was shocked by what he saw when he arrived at the Shaolin temple. Feeble monks barely awake to meditate or do anything else. To lethargic to his liking and with their lives dangling on a thread of existence, he introduced them to a set of exercises which revitalised their bodies and minds.

What are these exercises?

Qi Gong a POOR Man’s Steroids

Qi Gong exercises may boost your testosterone and yes even decrease it. When done consistently, particularly a male practitioner may suddenly begin to feel a boost in their energy. An increase in libido, being one of the signs of the increase in testosterone. All through ancient movements and breathing that does not rely on you having to inject or take anything.

That is why certain training is advised not to be done by women as this may cause certain issues and vice versa-there are Qi Gong exercises strictly for women.

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