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To my fellow millennials or Gen Z who are 18 years of age, the answer to the above question or title is, yes, it is easier to get a job now then before. It would of course be different country to country, given the different variables in place.

However, the one common thing facilitating getting a job is the Internet. Things like using LinkedIn, Glassdoor and all other sites suitable for job seekers. Make it easier for employers and prospects to be in closer contact with each other. The internet making communication better is sometimes underestimated in how it has affected and is still affecting various of industries. Afterall, communication made easier, is beneficial to business.

In the past to get a job, one had to wait a week or few days for newspapers to print the available jobs in the classified section. Those dinosaurs’ days are gone, now people have options. And better yet, Glassdoor and some other sites have employers of a companies rating their companies anonymously. This game changer puts a lot of power on job seekers and keeps companies with their draconian workplace methods in check. Ironically, this reality has not sunk in yet with a lot of companies.  



It is the ability to decide

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