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Entities, or imposing forces to what is usually convention are not bad and form part of the what is positives, as this balances out power. Protects the few from the many or brings about balance. Nonetheless, when these forces surpass what it imposes it may become by nature what it imposes in the first place by becoming like it. But, in our current times of radicalism, notions of common sense, logic have all been thrown out of the window. With the likes of radicals like Caroline Criado Perez, a British feminist who has been awarded 2019 Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award for her work. Her words if analysed by someone of a balanced sound mind, is outlandish and is a sign of the chaos that is causing more harm to women or men.

As per an article on RT:

In a Sunday Times interview earlier this year, she admiringly quoted Andrea Dworkin’s line about women being “the only discriminated-against group that shares a bed with their oppressor.”

“If I could be a lesbian, I’d be a lesbian. But unfortunately, I’m straight, and that’s one of the sadnesses of my life.” No man hater this.

Is this someone whose opinion we should be listening to on gender issues?

As a woman, I am not sure Criado-Perez understands feminism either.

“I’m not a perfect feminist. I worry about the way I look, and I worry about being fat. And waxing my legs, and what about shaving my armpits?”

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Women and children have been historically protected or used in propaganda during war to protect countries from invaders as they were ones most likely to suffer. But, if we take the numbers between men and women even in our world of gender based violence (which usually refers to the violence against women) men are most likely to die; maybe that is why they are far more women in the world then men.

Men by their innate nature and for the progression of humanity usually put themselves more at risk. Facts supported by numbers which the radicals either ignore or demonise you as being sexist, chauvinist or accuse you using other labels, when one mentions this (men or women).

Regardless, when it comes to the insurance industry, women pay less in their premiums then men, when it comes to life insurance for example. The industries have done their research. If women in our modern times were in far worse positions, then their life insurance premiums would be higher, which is not the case.

Caroline Emma Criado-Perez
      It is vital that the GBV movement is raising a concern when it comes to violence against women. However, it should not do it too simplistically and sometimes these ills are usually indicators of deeper decays in society. Antagonization, sowing division, are not the tools of the fixer or the healer. They are the tools of the warmonger.


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