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Getting a job in 2019 is not as difficult as it was 10 or 15 years ago, and the reason adults aged 20 something are “struggling” to get jobs, ranges from how they present themselves, to not applying online and relying on connections or referrals to get a job amongst other issues.

In our day an age with the internet, one can literally make 100 job applications in one day! The only hard thing will be putting in the time and effort to do so. Rewind back to the year 2000, that would be a very hard feat to achieve, because back then, all if not, most vacancies where being published on newspapers. The jobs were on the career pages of newspapers, this archaic practice may still happen today by those who are still living dinosaurs and not dead yet. But with the likes of Linkedin, Glassdoor and few other platforms one can easily send their CVs locally and internationally. It will all be independent on your experience, and how you view yourself. Getting a job now days has never been easier.

What are the hurdles:
Not being on a platform like Linkedin:

Millennials in certain countries like South Africa may know of such platforms, yet do not make use of it. Or they have a profile they created in high school or when they were in university, but it is outdated.

Your CV:

I will write on this at a later stage, however, how you present your CV is also vital, there are new CV templates for different jobs, which say a lot about you when viewed by a recruiter.

Being too loyal:

Given the internet, and factors like job demand and recruiters wanting to make their quotas, recruiters are not too worried about how long you have been in a company. And stop relying on knowing someone at a company to get a job. Apply and let the magic happen, if you are referred, beautiful, but do not rely on this.

They are other hurdles individuals have that stop them of taking advantage of the technology in their hands. You can apply for a job with the Linkedin app on your phone. People need to think out of the box, if you 20 something stop behaving as if you were born in the 50s.



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