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Canada’s Prime Minister has recently claimed that Iran’s missiles had downed the Ukrainian Boeing that had taken off Tehran’s airport, the same day Iran struck American bases in Iraq using surface-to-surface missiles.

He claims having multiple sources pointing to the Iranians as per the Tweet below from RT.  Despite fact that the missiles were fired 4 hours before the plane’s flight on Wednesday.

According to American Media outlets they have cited from “anonymous officials” that the Boeing 737 could have been hit by Iran’s air defence. This, however, has had Iran’s civil aviation authorities riled up with its head saying it is “scientifically impossible” and that “such rumours are illogical”.

The Iranian government called on the Trudeau to share the “intelligence he has claimed to have received from his “multiple sources”.

The number of dead from the crash was 176 of which mostly consisted of Iranians; the plane was on its way to Kiev as it took off on an early Wednesday morning. And an investigation is still underway and has just begun as to investigate what really happened. There has been reports that Iran has invited French and Canadian experts to assist in the decoding of the data in the black boxes that were recovered from the wreckage.

It seems the spin doctors in the west are at work as to shift the blame that it was Iran that was to blame. In the beginning it was accepted as per the Iranians that it was a “technical error’ and given the current events, the Iranian Crisis, its only fitting for the powers to smell blood. Now they are pouncing on the Iranians before the verdict or the investigation has concluded. Using terms like it is “highly likely” weasel phrases that when analysed have no base.

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