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As per the acts of Friday the 3rd of January, the killing of Qassem a top general of Iran, is an act of war. A decision without congressional approval.

The tweet above is a possible indicator that POTUS may have mental problems. Amongst his tweets is that General Qassem Soleimani was directly or indirectly involved with the death of American lives. This statement lacks evidence but could be possibly true.

Then again, is his tweet in the past, accusing Obama of wanting to start a war with Iran in order to be re-elected. Trump may not need to start a war with Iran in order to be re-elected, although his devastating decision to have General Qassem killed, may have increased his popularity amongst Republicans. But some of his supporters love or loved Trump, because like Bernie Sanders in 2016, had an anti-war rhetoric.

The handling of the protesters that stormed the US embassy was smart, by sending marines without blood being shed. However, the assassination of top General (Qassem) of Iran, a country which America is not waging war against, is madness.

He may have received intelligence of who was in the convoy and get details of Qassem and then decided that he should be killed. Only the people that were there, including Trump know what really went done. Nevertheless, the idiocy in this decision by Trump, has led an increase in oil prices and a drop in the US stock markets.

Iran’s Response

Iran has promised to respond, and are forced to, what and how? Has been left to imagination. Iran would not necessarily be obliterated, America is bleeding and besides having nuclear power and a sophisticated army, the average 18-year-old American is too busy playing Fortnite or wondering what gender they are. Whereas in Iran, you may safely bet that they have more of cohesive force that will be ready to protect the country tooth and nail.



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