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Besides the ailing SOE’s

Besides the ailing SOE’s (State Owned Enterprises) the likes of Eskom and SAA, including other ailing governmental agencies like NERSA, the South African political landscape is now speaking of a split or separation between Herman Mashaba and Mmusi Maimane.

You would think the media houses would be more objective and analyse the situation as it is based on what has been said or if subjective reasoning cannot be contained, then to at least limit speculation to a minimum. Then again, that is hopeful thinking where the media in South Africa or the world think they can still make sales on sensationalism. Click baits do work, but on the age of the internet one’s reporting should be more grounded at times.


Herman Mashaba

Herman Mashaba’s take is that he has or is going to launch his party, offering South Africans a better alternative. Eager to engage in next year’s local elections, and there is no better time to gain some ANC’s supporters as the party clearly forgets through its corruption, South Africa has formidable democratic structure. And they are yet to lose more ground in next year’s election, maybe they are arrogant or they analysts do not understand downward trends on a graph, no one knows.


Mmusi Maimane


Mmusi Maimane does not share Herman’s warm blood and wants to engage citizens first through discussion. The two have cordially recognised their differences and have even spoken that although each will be doing their own thing, they may work again in the future. Now that is clear as day light that the two have not had a fall out. Simply they have acknowledged their differences and have decided that each do their own thing and with time work together, should the opportunity arise.

Now people can speculate a split, you could even speculate that they are two complementary forces one addressing the citizens-Mmusi and the other-Herman, introducing the South African citizens and political landscape an alternative.

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