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With the load shedding back in South Africa after a joyous holiday season, 2020 has already received its bumps with the likes of the senile Trump sabre rattling the world to World War III. Eskom owned by the state, which is led by the elected party, yours truly the ANC.

South Africa given it history, is plagued with racism all through most of its population. That people would rather feel the wrath of ANC corruption then elect a party that has proven records in terms of numbers. Let’s mention the party, the DA, now they also have had their share of troubles. Then again, people lie but numbers do not.

Eskom on Monday re-launched it campaign on destroying the South African economy with the world bank further reducing the country’s growth rate by less than a percent. The reason was initially a “conveyer belt” issue as to why there was power cuts. Given South Africa’s trouble with education its only reasonable for them to insult the public’s intelligence

All of this can trace to the party that is the ANC, from Baleke Mbete interview with Mehdi of Aljazeera where it could be seen Mehdi was not believing the idiocy he was interviewing. The video below, is online for the whole world to see.

Its evident that South Africa is too sophisticated for the ANC to govern, Nelson Mandela was the height of the party’s greatness there were mistakes, but all of that is outweighed by the peace and stability he brought. And then it seems the level-headed individuals who could lead the party and the country to greatness were few, compared to the fools like the likes of Jacob Zuma and his Frankenstein buffoonish child Julius Malema.  South Africa is an African country with so much potential it could and should be the leader in the African continent economically and on many other things. Democracy is only interesting when there is stability socially and economically. When the government regardless of certain troubles, takes care of its people. When corruption is a minimum.

The problem is, in the dawn of African states receiving independence those who fought for it (apart from a few exceptions) are now more sovereign and stable. However, the ones that were granted it by their former colonial powers later had its nationalist leaders who envisioned greatness for their countries killed i.e. Patrice Lumumba of Congo Kinshasa etc. Point being is not to  say Patrice was necessarily a great leader, but that these men wanted the best for they countries, they were true nationalists. South Africa is an exception compared to most African states when one digs or studies its history. Again, the point is that most of the ANC leadership are not capable, nor do they care about the greatness the country can achieve.

Paul Kagame of Rwanda is doing a lot for his country and they had a genocide where millions died in a few days, yet the ANC still blames apartheid. If the population white, black or whatever, put aside stupid superficial differences and everybody participated in voting for the right party. This country will move forward, for as for now the ANC is retarding the growth of the country.

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