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Most countries who have failed economically, usually have reasons that may be conspiratorial, such as having sanctions by countries like the USA. They are usually butting heads with the superpower in displaying their sovereignty.

Countries in general have levels of corruptions, first world or not. But in functioning states, they usually the bare minimum to keep it going such as running water or electricity is not messed about with.

South Africa, which is the most sophisticated economy in Africa, with first world institutions economically, is only held back due to its socio-economic issues. The socio-economic reasons are partly due to the country’s apartheid past, but this can no longer be used as a reason. Because the country had its first democratically elected president (Nelson Mandela) in 1994. The year is now 2019 and 25 years has passed. Apartheid can no longer be used as reason in addressing the socio-economic issues. Countries that were third world countries such as South Korea, experienced rapid growth over 20 years.

The reason is not land, or any of the nonsense politicians in South Africa try and use as excuses. The reason why South Africa is falling behind the rest of African countries surging up, is that besides corruption and mismanagement. The majority are still voting the ruling party that is the ANC into power. A party that is cancerous, its corruption going as far affecting Eskom, the countries electricity public utility. There is proof out there of this that do not need to be mentioned here. It’s even mentioned in the South African media.

The reason for the black-outs rests also on the majority of black South African’s that still vote this party into power, simply because of the racist believe that should they vote for say another party, “whites will come back into power” some of these people schizophrenically also complain about the power cuts.

Competency, meritocracy is all thrown out of the window, all in all affecting the economy of South Africa. A country that is Africa’s only nuclear power, with so much potential. Maybe if the vast majority of South African’s spent some time travelling in other African countries, they will begin to understand for one that they are a developing country and not a third world country and for two understand the potential power they have in making a difference.



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