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What a lot of experts or pundits forget is that life is dynamic and with this dynamic, there is a lot of variables. We can measure, speculate, calculate but we should not forget this.

Ben Askren’s loss to Maia on Saturday the 26th of October 2019 reflects this dynamism. Here is a man, Ben Askren, who is a great wrestler but who has been defeated with the tactical genius of Masvidal and now recently by the BJJ practitioner Demian Maia by a rear naked choke.

This was a man who joined the UFC, undefeated, a man viewed as invincible, with the random match ups to take on the likes of Khabib.

But this is the same man who bestowed upon himself a black belt in BJJ, which is not officially recognised. It does not matter how good of grappler he is; such an action will be viewed arrogant by the standard bearers of this art. Saturday was confirmation that Ben Askren is not the forminable juggernaut or force of nature he has been marketed to be.




It is the ability to decide

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